Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (or Nadolig Llawen in Wales) from The Marmalade Teapot!


Today has mostly consisted of turkey sandwiches, Quality Street & generally paying more attention to all of our gifts from our lovely friends & family (yes, there are new cookbooks & a shiny new kugelhopf). I already have toothache, burrito boy had to skip breakfast this morning due to still being full from our festive feast.


Dinner was wonderful (even if I do say so myself), I will happily survive on the leftovers for days to come. It did require a little more effort than usual this year, as our electric decided to trip on both the oven & fridge freezer (panic immediately ensued), luckily after much flipping of sockets all around the house we managed to solve the problem, I do however blame this event for the lacklustre of my roast potatoes this year.


Today me & burrito boy will be heading to my parents house for my mothers infamous Boxing Day buffet, something I look forward to every Christmas. It’s burrito boys first buffet with my family this year, a man who normally I can’t get to stop talking but remains deadly silent around my parents, wish us luck.

I hope that you’re merry, full & having a wonderful Christmas time. There are plenty more festive recipes on the way do bear with me, but for now..

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!



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