Forgotten Eggs

Easter, traditionally a religious celebration of life.. here in the UK however, it is most synonymous with chocolate eggs (this is not necessarily a bad thing). Easter eggs themselves are in essence a symbol of Jesus' empty tomb, a rather sombre thought when you're about the destroy the cheerful easter chick on your Cadbury's chocolate egg. Whilst … Continue reading Forgotten Eggs

Covert dessert

Every Christmas (yes, I know we're in late February) my very kind family always gift me a large box of After Eight Mints, due to my love of all things mint this has practically become a tradition (apart from the disappointing Christmas of 2014 which we shall not mention). Slowly word spread of just how easily pleased this baker is when … Continue reading Covert dessert

Ice & spice

It's been a chilly weekend here in Wales as the icy disposition of Winter dominates our mornings once again, transforming the landscape into a peaceful, glistening wonderland. Unfortunately this also signals the return of my most loathsome chore, de-icing the cars (luckily I have Burrito around full-time to do help with this). Despite being someone who is affected … Continue reading Ice & spice