Lucky Tang

Celebration. I'm happy to say that this is the theme in my life at the moment, 2018 seems to be working out rather well (fingers & toes crossed). Don't get too excited though as no, there's still no book deal or promise of opening up the Marmalade Teapot tea rooms just yet but I'm glad … Continue reading Lucky Tang


Squidgy excitement

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE MARMALADE TEAPOT! A little belated I know but as we say goodbye to 2017, the beginning of the new year has been keeping me on my toes, it's been an exciting time full of unexpected opportunity, adventure & happiness I'm glad to say. 2017 was a year where I got … Continue reading Squidgy excitement

Retro winners

  Palm trees, sand, crystal waters, straw hats & cocktails... in an ideal world this would be the my summer. British summertime however has been rather unforgiving this year (not entirely surprising), so us Brits find ourselves rushing outdoors, lighting the barbecue, stocking our fridges with ciders & donning shorts at the mere hint of any … Continue reading Retro winners